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Activities and Incentives for Companies in Rome

Excursion to Castelli Romani with Wine Tasting

Castelli Romani and wine tasting
Castelli Romani

The expression Castelli Romani translates literally as 'Roman Castles', but in fact the name refers to a collection of wine-producing hill-towns to the south-east of Rome. These small towns and villages are scattered over the wooded slopes of the Alban Hills (Colli Albani), a landscape created by long-ago volcanic activity. The circular craters of Lake Nemi and Lake Albano, testament to the area's geological past, are among the most attractive natural features of Lazio.
Home to successful civilisations before the Romans began throwing their weight about, the Alban Hills became a rural retreat for the city's wealthy residents. Nowadays the tiny towns are still dominated by the great villas and palaces built by the area's richest and most powerful families. Some were destroyed in the Second World War, when the area was heavily bombed. Others have been converted into hotels or municipal offices, or taken over by wealthy companies and religious organisations. Other villas are still crumbling; faded reminders of a dissipated society

Today the towns are prized for their produce: DOC wines such as Frascati, strawberries, peaches, meats, fish, flowers and more

The Wine Tasting Experience will introduce you to the famous Italian wine industry via all five of your senses. First listen - listen to the explanations from our wine expert. Then, learn how to look at the colour of the wines and how it is made in our "Cantine".
Experience the variety of flavours associated with reds and whites.Then relax and feel the wine slide down your throat!
Price per person includes:
3 type of wine
bread, local oil, salami and cheese

For more information and detailed programm requests please write an email to info@milano24ore.it You will be contacted within 48 hours by phone or email.

Treasure hunt with Vespa in Rome
Treasure hunt with Vespa in Rome

Treasure hunt with Vespa

A really funny activity which includes the discovering of the beauty of the Territory.

Participants will be the real star of the activity: guests will be actively involved in the games and all emotions will be experienced in team.

Rome by Nights Castel Sant'Angelo
Rome by Nights Castel Sant'Angelo

Rome by Night Tour for Groups

This tour is particularly spectacular thanks to the fact that most Roman monuments are illuminated at night. This tour allows you to soak up the nightlife of the Eternal City by stopping for a swift drink in some of the most popular haunts frequented by native Romans. The tour can be taken on a vespa or in a vintage car driven by our expert drivers and riders, who will be delighted to accompany you as you search out what the city has to offer after dark.

Roman Holiday tour
Roman Holiday tour

Roman Holiday Tour

Rome has provided the backdrop for more films than almost any other city. William Wyler's Roman Holiday, with its unforgettable performances from Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the starring roles, has become an icon of liberated, carefree tourism in Rome . The tour takes you round the main locations, accompanied by a photobook showing scenes from the film so that you can position yourself exactly where the scenes were shot. Be sure to have your picture taken on one of our vintage vespas and to dream, once you return home, about how you were the star in your own modern fable.

Cooking lesson
Cooking lesson

Cooking Lesson for Incentive Groups

Taking a cooking class in Rome is a great way to experience the city in a different way, no matter what your reason is for being in Italy. Food is a large part of the Italian culture and learning how to prepare different dishes and to understand the preparation is a new found interest some may have for the Italian Cuisine.

Come have your first experience in a Roman kitchen and learn every secret that goes into each delicious bite!

After the cooking lesson enjoy with the food!!

Underground Rome: Auditorium Mecenate

Privit visit of Auditorium Mecenate : Building which was erroneously attributed the title of "Auditorium," that is a hall for theatrical and musical form because dell'illusoria apse with seven concentric steps, once lined with marble, forming a small cavea only after a number of hypotheses refuted by the presence of some small pipes in the top step made it possible to assign to the function of cavea a nice cascade of water that decorated a room shady and cool, which allows you to identify the room in a ninfeo, that is a room used for entertainment characterized by cultural and natural atmosphere.

The wall structure and the wealth of paintings lead to ascribe ownership of a powerful patrician: Mecenate, the cultural adviser of Augustus, who built his famous house, meeting place for artists and poets, and that brought the operation of urban transformation 'Esquilino device cemetery area to the luxurious neighborhood of villas.

S. Maria in Trastevere by Night
S. Maria in Trastevere by Night

St. Cecilia - Underground Trastevere

Privit visit the underground of the basilica of S. Cecilia in Trastevere, emblematic building, the stratigraphic evidence of overlap secular: genuine of a long historical period. Coming down we will be in a maze of rooms and corridors and in a great environment decorated with precious sarcophagi strigilati. The oldest show us a house Republican, changed over time and transformed into a space craft, which is characterized by the presence of seven tanks cylindrical brick, probably a coriara, or a tanning skins.
Visit of Jewish Ghetto

Relax and Spa in Roman Thermae for Enterprises

Meeting with your assistant at the hotel and departure to a spa resort situated in the roman countryside, in a site that was a famous roman thermae.

The first testimony of the existence of the thermae dates back to the Etruscan period. We know, in fact, that this ancient people was closely linked to the cult of spas and to these places which were considered sacred.

Spa Program - Roman Ritual Bath as Incentive

Meeting with your assistant at the hotel and departure to a Spa in Rome Walking through the ancient ways of the centre, passing near monuments and palaces that tell the ancient power of the Roman Empire and the beauty of art from age to age, you reach the Day Spa, a place that rises on the ruins of the Neronian Thermal Baths and offers to its guests the possibility to lose oneself in the magical atmosphere of the times and not to be only a spectator.

It's an ancient ritual of deep cleaning of the body. It helps to put away stress, to stretch your muscles making your mind free and rising your senses again. It begins with a Turkish bath which helps to eliminate toxins. Then, you lie on a tepidarium marble leaf and they make your body cleaning and washing, using eucalyptus black soap, according to ancient oriental rituals. Than we pass on "Frigidarium bath"
At the end of every ritual, herbal tea fresh fruits and infusions are served in the relax room.

For more information and detailed programm requests please write an email to info@milano24ore.it You will be contacted within 48 hours by phone or email.