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Let your emotions dance immersed in Carrara marble

Let your emotions dance immersed in Carrara marblePrice: 163,47 €   
Duration: 1 day 6 hours

Most of us only know marble as the final product in the chain of consumption. However there exists a pulsing heart of its origins. Beneath the Apuan Alps in the city of Carrara, there lie the caves of which Michelangelo, Donatello and Bernini shopped from for their materials and where their sculptures were born.
Head up the steep roads, to the highest peaks to awaken your sights through the magnificent and unique scenery at 1000 meters altitude. Where a perfectly laid table awaits us with local ingredients to delight your taste. The beautiful sounds of the violin to intrigue your hearing. Before leaving, a famous sculptor will follow your first steps in the world of sculpture, starting from a raw and inanimate marble piece until your first “artwork”, gifting you the opportunity to “caress” different finishing stages of the same sculpture. The air and aromas that dance under your nose will become imbedded in your mind and heart. The rest of the experience follows this harmonic tune.

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