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Magic Christmas Tour in Cinque Terre

Magic Christmas Tour in Cinque TerrePrice: 614,36 €   
Duration: 2 hours

The exclusive tour only in the Christmas period! This special times brings magic Cinque Terre. Together with the professional local guide, you will visit the most beautifully decorated places. You will feel spellbound with the charming atmosphere in the streets which you can feel only this time of the year! What is the story of the Christmas tree? Who was the first to decorate it in the world? What magical things can happen during the Christmas period? Have you heard about Christmas spells? You will hear miraculous Christmas legends about Cinque Terre. You will visit the old-fashioned Christmas Market and the traditional "Presepe" in the city. What makes it so popular? What local products is must taste at Christmas? Fill your heart with the joy and experience magic of Cinque Terre.

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