Tours, Day Trips and Sightseeing in Genoa

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Genoa 2,5 hour walking tour

Genoa 2,5 hour walking tourPrice: 324,33 €   
Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Genoa is the city with the biggest medieval city center in Europe: the gothic cathedral of Saint Laurence, the Unesco heritage "Via Garibaldi", the Doge Palace, the Ancient Port with its famous lighthouse, the house of Christopher Columbus. . . . there are many other amazing monuments, churches and palazzos to visit in such a great city! But if you have just few hours and want to discover this town, this is the tour done for you!

All the main Genoa attractions are in the pedestrian area of the city: we will walk through the Ancient Port, to enjoy the "Expo" area around the Aquarium and the Navigation Museum, we will continue to the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Doge Palace and the tiny house of Christopher Columbus, to end our tour in the majestic Via Garibaldi, with his magnificent noble palaces

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Hidden Gems, Traditions and Food

Hidden Gems, Traditions and FoodPrice: 150,00 €   
Duration: 45 to 50 minutes

A stroll through the heart of Genoa to discover imposing places, hidden gems, tucked away corners, local eateries and drinking holes, typical trattorias, traditional historic shops.
A taste of local Focaccia and pasta with pesto (the only true basil is grown here) are part of a true discovery of this difficult and fascinating city.
Get astonished by the beauty and richness of the genoese palaces (many of which are today UNESCO World Heritage), enjoy an elevator ride with the locals and be mesmerized by this unique city.

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Toirano Caves

Toirano CavesPrice: 15,00 €   
Duration: 60 to 80 minutes

Accompanied by a guide you will discover the different rooms that make up the fantastic underground route of the Toirano Caves.
Multi-calcite concretions, alabaster flows, stalactites and stalagmites follow one another, dragging you on a spectacular and rich history tour.

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Bigo Panoramic Lift

Bigo Panoramic LiftPrice: 4,00 €   
Duration: 30 minutes

The Panoramic Lift to walk 40 meters above the sea.
A climb of about 20 minutes to enjoy the panorama of the city of Genoa from above.
A unique and unmissable experience just a few steps from the Genoa Aquarium.

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Galata Maritime Museum Entry Ticket

Galata Maritime Museum Entry TicketPrice: 13,00 €   
Duration: 1 day

An extraordinary adventure to discover six centuries of life on the sea. A glass and steel cladding designed by the Spanish architect Guillermo Vasquez Consuegra gives a new life to the oldest building in the Darsena area, the former arsenal of the Republic of Genoa, where galleys were built, armed and launched.

Galata Maritime Museum was opened in 2004, when Genoa was awarded European Capital of Culture. Today, this innovative and technological establishment is the largest maritime museum in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Skip the Line: The Lantern of Genoa

Skip the Line: The Lantern of GenoaPrice: 6,00 €   
Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

Located on the promontory of Capo di Faro, the Lanterna, with its 77 meters high, is the highest lighthouse in the Mediterranean, second in Europe. The current construction dates back to 1543 but the first construction is said to date back to 1128. Inside the fortifications a multimedia museum has been set up which collects stories and testimonies about Genoa and its province. On the pedestrian walk of the park you will find a first panoramic terrace, after the 800 meters walk you will be able to climb up to the symbol of Genoa and enjoy a magnificent view of the port

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Skip the Line: Single ticket to visit the Open Air Museum, Museum, Lighthouse

Skip the Line: Single ticket to visit the Open Air Museum, Museum, LighthouPrice: 6,00 €   
Duration: 1 hour

Visit the ancient fortifications, the nineteenth-century gate of Genova da Ponente and the Lanterna, symbol of the city since 1128.
Enjoy the view of the city from the panoramic terrace of the lighthouse which, after the tower of Hercules in La Coruna, is the oldest still operating in the world.
At 77 meters high, it is the tallest lighthouse in the Mediterranean and the second in Europe.

The monument dates back to at least 1128, according to the most widespread date by historians, almost 9 centuries of history that make her the second oldest lighthouse in the world still functioning.
The reconstruction of 1543 only partially affected the upper part of the tower.
At that time it was on the walls and leads to the west of the city while today, inside the fortifications, there is a museum on the history of the Lantern and which illustrates how a lighthouse works.
In 2001 a pedestrian walkway was built to make the Lantern more accessible by connecting the Ferry Terminal to the lighthouse with a section that runs along Via Milano.

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