Tours, Day Trips and Sightseeing in Genoa

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Paddling Genoa secret coast

Paddling Genoa secret coastPrice: 70,00 €   
Duration: 4 hours

This is a unique experience, you will visit the town moving on the water, slowly and quietly and tasting its culture and environment.
You will able to visit the town in depth and from it's best perspective, the sea.
Genoa was developed on the sea, it's main gate.
From there you can really understand this place.

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Self Guided Kayaking Holiday in Liguria, Italy

Self Guided Kayaking Holiday in Liguria, ItalyPrice: 263,52 €   
Duration: 3 to 6 days

Customize your own multi-day kayak trip in Northern Italy! Discover the charming Ligurian coast around Portofino and Cinque Terre on your own, between wildlife and historical sites. 

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Sea Kayak Tour to Portofino

Sea Kayak Tour to PortofinoPrice: 77,95 €   
Duration: 4 hours

Paddling surrounded by the nature of the Park of Portofino.

Sea Kayak excursion accompanied by a kayak BC leader and local guide with naturalistic specifics which allows you to reach the most stunning spots of the marine protected area of Portofino. For this activity, ideal for kayakers with some experience, high quality equipment specific for sea kayaking is used.

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Baptism of the Sea in Portofino with diving tour to the Christ of the Abyss

Baptism of the Sea in Portofino with diving tour to the Christ of the AbyssPrice: 250,00 €   
Duration: 4 hours

You will learn from our professional instructors how to use diving equipment and you will get a quick and easy introduction to exploring the underwater world.

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Portofino Time Snorkeling

Portofino Time SnorkelingPrice: 95,00 €   
Duration: 2 hours

After a brief look at the ancient monastery from the sea, we set off towards one of the many submerged cliffs reachable only by authorized boats, and ideal for the observation with mask, fins and snorkel of a great variety of flora and fauna typical of the Mediterranean Sea.

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BAPTISM OF THE SEA (Introductory dive)

BAPTISM OF THE SEA (Introductory dive)Price: 120,00 €   
Duration: 2 hours

With the baptism of the sea, you can discover an extraordinary world. It is a good activity for all ages, from 10 upwards! Breathing underwater for the first time, admiring colors never seen before and unique marine species, all in total safety and with the support of an instructor always by your side.
A unique experience in life.

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